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GEMS Has Arrived. What should HR Users do?


It is 16th April 2009, the first release of GEMS has arrived and is now available in PMO (including Energy Division) and its five departments. All HR Users and Self Service Users working in any of the departments involved in the first pilot release may now have the opportunity to use GEMS in their actual workplace. Before we start using GEMS, we need to ensure that our individual GEMS account is secured and that our employment records are accurate. Below are 3 simple steps on what we should do in GEMS:











*Note: If you are facing any difficulties using GEMS, please call the GEMS Help Desk at 238 2407 or email to gems.helpdesk@psd.gov.bn




Step 1: Log-In to GEMS



As HR Users, we should have received our UserID and Password from the training workshops that we have attended. If there was not any UserID and Password provided, contact a local Change Agent or Trainer to obtain one. Take note that Self Service Users will receive their UserID and Password at the upcoming GEMS Road Show in May.  To access GEMS, follow the steps below to connect to GEMS:



1.1 Launch the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser    





1.2 Enter the GEMS URL (http://www.gems.gov.bn) at the address bar on the top of our browser window and press ENTER.



1.3 This will bring us to the GEMS Login Page.



1.4 Enter the User ID and Password and click on the   button.





Step 2 : Change Password



Secure the GEMS account by changing the password to something personal that only we, as an individual only know about.




2.1 At the home page, select "Change My Password" at the bottom of the menu.







2.2 On the Change Password page

a) Type in the current password

b) Type in a new password

c) Re-type to confirm new password

d) Click on the "Change Password" button







2.3 Click the 'Ok' button on the Password Saved page.
















Step 3 : Check Personal Information


The Personal Information Summary page allows us to update our name, address, phone numbers, emergency contacts, email address and marital status and ethnic group. Provided below are 3 common tasks to perform in GEMS:

3.1 Accessing GEMS

3.2 Accessing Personal Information

3.3 Updating Personal Information




3.1 Accessing GEMS

3.1.1 Login to GEMS and click on the Self Service link from the left navigation menu to access the Self Service page

3.1.2 On the Self Service page, click on   the Personal Information Summary to access the Personal Information page

3.1.3 We will be taken to the Personal Information page where we can view the following information:
- Name
- Personal details
- Addresses
- Phone Numbers
- Emergency Contacts
- Marital Status
- Ethnic Groups


















3.2 Accessing Personal Information

3.2.1 From the Personal Information page, click on the Change home/mailing address button.

3.2.2 We will be taken to the Home and Mailing Address page. Click the edit button to change the home address.

3.2.3 Enter the new address into the fields on the page. Do not forget to specify when the change will take effect.

3.2.4 Click on the Save button.
We will be taken back to the Personal Information page.



















3.3 Updating Personal Information

3.3.1 From the Personal Information page, click on the Change Phone Numbers button. We will be taken to the Phone Numbers page.

3.3.2 To edit existing phone numbers, type the new phone number to replace the existing one.

3.3.3 To delete a phone number, click on the corresponding Delete  button.

3.3.4 To add a phone number, click on the Add a Phone Number button and enter the details of the new number.

3.3.5 Choose the phone type and insert the new phone number that is to be added. Click the Save button when it is done.





















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